IAEA Symposium on International Safeguards

The IAEA holds a Symposium on International Safeguards every four years in order to engage the broader safeguards community in addressing challenges and seizing opportunities to strengthen the effectiveness of safeguards implementation. This year’s symposium took place in Vienna, Austria.

The 2018 symposium’s theme was ‘Building Future Safeguards Capabilities‘, and looked ahead to emerging technologies and innovative approaches with potential for strengthening and streamlining the implementation of safeguards and explore  partnerships and mechanisms of relevance going forward.

The objectives of the symposium are to:

  • Innovate – by generating new ideas on methods and technologies to substantially improve the IAEA’s technical capabilities and achieve efficiencies in the way it works
  • Partner – by mobilizing partnerships to further explore new ideas, bring innovation into the work of the Department of Safeguards, and support long term safeguards research and development needs; and
  • Improve – by engaging the safeguards community in sharing experiences, building capabilities, and finding ways to streamline, simplify and improve the implementation of safeguards in the field and at headquarters.

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David H. Hanks

David H. Hanks

Among the award winners of the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize given to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), David H. Hanks held an International Nuclear Safeguards Inspector post at the IAEA in Vienna, Austria, for several years. His many years of experience in international nuclear nonproliferation and expertise in the operation of nuclear power plants provides a unique insight into the world Carson Griffin inhabits. Now living in Georgia, David has published several technical documents related to nuclear safeguards and wrote The Disappearance, a novel based on his mother’s disappearance in 1972.