David H. Hanks

Author of the Carson Griffin Series and The Disappearance

David H. HanksAmong the award winners of the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize given to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), David H. Hanks held an International Nuclear Safeguards Inspector post at the IAEA in Vienna, Austria, for several years. His many years of experience in international nuclear nonproliferation and expertise in the operation of nuclear power plants provides a unique insight into the world Carson Griffin inhabits. Now living in Georgia, David has published several technical documents related to nuclear safeguards and wrote The Disappearance, a novel based on his mother’s disappearance in 1972.

Euphrates Yield

Book Three: Euphrates Yield

The third and final installment in David H. Hanks’ Carson Griffin series takes Griffin outside of the INWA’s jurisdiction to investigate a hidden nuclear reactor site along the banks of Syria’s Euphrates River. The Jihad Terrorist Symbol works with Doku Umarov, a well-known Chechen terrorist, to smuggle parts and nuclear material supplied by a rogue North Korean general into the region with the goal of creating the most powerful weapons of mass destruction on Earth. To save the world from nuclear annihlation, Griffin has to stop the technology from falling into JTS’s hands—all while battling the grief of losing his wife. Can he put aside his need for vengeance aside and stop the radical terrorist cell before it’s too late?

Black Waters

Book One: Black Waters

While on assignment to investigate a uranium smuggling incident in Slovenia, Carson Griffin uncovers a monstrous terrorist plot involving a massive nuclear detonation near the Black Sea that could spread nuclear contamination across Europe. The terror cell, led by a Turkish madman bent on restoring the glory of the once-great Ottoman Empire, pursues him and sends assassins after his family. As Griffin gets close to unraveling the plot, can he prevent a global incident and still keep his family safe?

Power and Ore

Book Two: Power and Ore

A nuclear pulse-driven explosion in Turkey has alerted the attention of the International Nuclear Weapons Agency and Carson Griffin has been tasked with determining its source. In the University of Bucharest, entrepreneurs have joined forces to create a mode of transport so powerful and unique that, once discovered, the world’s governments and terrorist organizations will all vie for control of its technology. The Jihad Terrorist Symbol will stop at nothing to get their hands on a recently-discovered plutonium sphere and set to work allocating assassins and spies to locate a potential weapon. In this story of kidnapping, murder, double crossing and high espionage, who would you believe or trust?